Suck it, inner critic

IMG_20150614_073326I started this blog solely to get into the habit of writing regularly — just writing something, anything — in a forum where it could be seen every day. Whether my posts are actually seen every day is irrelevant; I’m not really looking for feedback. It’s more about writing things, knowing that they could be seen, and resisting the temptation to try to make them perfect.

I’m not attempting to climb any literary mountains here. I know of people who take on formidable challenges, such as writing one haiku every day, but I’m not trying to be one of them. This is not that sort of challenge. There are no finishers’ medals, no after-parties.

This is more like self-therapy: it’s hard work and I’ve admitted to myself that it’s something I need to do right now. But there could come a time when I won’t admit that I have to do this, or that I ever did.

My rules are:

1. just write something,

2. more or less every day, and

3. post it,

4. disregarding my outspoken inner critic if she tries to suggest that a particular post is not meaningful enough, not clever enough, or not artful enough.

She might try to say that something is too long, too short, too colorful, too verbose, or too bland; she always says those things. The rule is to disregard anything she says and just keep writing.

My inner critic is more creative and more clever than I, and also more assertive. If I bring her one budding idea, she will present me with fifteen juicy, fully-ripened reasons why my budding idea should be left to die on the vine. I might whisper my idea to her, still a bit unsure of it. She will climb to the nearest rooftop and shout her feedback into a megaphone, adding a few personal insults just to bring the point home.

She is toxic and I’m tired of listening to her. She can suck it.

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