Oh, how I love Red Rocks


Last night, I saw Belle & Sebastian perform with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks, the beloved natural amphitheater set in the foothills of Morrison, Colorado. It’s an incredible venue. Every time I visit, I leave with a kind of euphoria afterward, and it persists for days.

I’m a chatterbox, to be sure. But even I struggle to articulate how much I love being at Red Rocks, or what it is exactly that I love so much about it.

Maybe it’s the way you can leave your day job in the afternoon and arrive at the venue an hour later, totally transported into rock festival mindset. If you forgot to pack something, someone who is parked near you will freely share whatever you’re missing—a beer, a lighter, a salt shaker, sunscreen, bottled water, you name it.


Maybe it’s the communal magic of being surrounded by 9 or 10 thousand people who share your love for a favorite band.

Maybe it’s the thrill of seeing a celebrity musician look up into the stands, and then up above the stands to the massive rock formations, and then up above the rocks to the stars, in pure awe. It’s nice to be reminded that there are still some things so extraordinary that they can take anyone’s breath away.


Maybe it’s the simple pleasure of sitting in the stands, outside, under stars, where you can look past the stage and gaze out at the Denver skyline. I can’t think of a more authentically “Denver” experience than being intimately plugged into the natural environment but knowing you’re still so close to the city.

Maybe it’s the spectacular red rock formations that tower above you as you hike up from the parking lot, and then up the stairs to the venue, and then up through the stands to find your seat. They’re truly majestic.

Maybe it’s all of these things, and something more.


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