Lunch with Pegasus


I had lunch with an attractive lawyer who volunteers as a firefighter. When I say “attractive,” I mean Don Draper, grey suit and all.

He is the recipient of several prestigious professional honors, including some 40-under-40 awards and a few accolades for excellence in the legal profession.

He has 10.5% body fat and a girlfriend he has known for a long time.

A self-described “egalitarianist,” he’s frustrated with women who say “I’m sorry” all the time. He proudly explains how much his sisters helped inform his understanding of the challenges facing women leaders these days.

A wicked sense of humor leaks from everything he says. And he has an affinity for switching into character voices to lighten the mood.

A few years ago, I learned, this gentleman organized a relief effort for victims of the big earthquake in Haiti.

In other words, I had lunch with a Pegasus.

He was modest about his girlfriend, but I wasn’t fooled; he is clearly dating Zooey Deschanel. I’m sure she plays the guitar and rescues homeless goats when she’s not writing the screenplay for Angelina Jolie’s next production.

Had it not been a business meeting, I would have shooed that Pegasus right out of the restaurant.  We don’t need mythical creatures flying around like that, whooshing through the air and leaving unrealistic expectations all over the place.

Go home, Pegasus. Take your stupidly perfect Zooey Deschanel girlfriend and leave the rest of us alone.

*     *     *     *     *

Photo credit: “Pegasus” by Odilon Redon – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – 

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