Excuses, excuses

I haven’t written on my blog in over three weeks. I really didn’t think anyone was paying attention, but now people have begun asking why they aren’t getting emails about new posts any longer. How sweet of you, readers; I didn’t you know you cared.

This post is not really meant to be a blog post, at least not in the spirit of why I started this blog. It’s more like a rambling list of excuses for the people who keep asking what’s up. I hope you’ll accept some of them.

Here are some things that have been happening lately:

Work has been intense. About a year ago, I took a risky career opportunity and it has turned out to be kind of overwhelming. My brain has been feeling like an overweight hamster on a motorized wheel. For a little while, I was either slacking off or just becoming overwhelmed. I guess your interpretation depends on how much sympathy you want to grant me; that’s up to you. But if you choose to say I was just slacking off, well… screw you.

Anyway, I sensed that people were starting to notice that I wasn’t doing great at work. I decided I wanted to go back to being awesome at my job. Now I’m working all the time, or thinking about work all the time, and I have nothing left at the end of the day for blogging—nothing to say and no way to say it. Sorry.

Being an adult is total bullshit sometimes and I would really love it if I didn’t have to do it so much. It completely saps my creativity.

In the midst of everything, I also met a person who might not completely suck. The timing does completely suck, however.

I was on a girls’ weekend a couple months ago. It really should have been called a “bitter single girls’ weekend,” if I’m being honest. It was meant to be four days of shopping, sight-seeing, vodka-drinking, and of course, non-stop bitching about all the bad experiences we’ve had with men lately. But then, dammit, things went awry.

Some dude somehow got invited out with us one night and he turned out to be interesting and able to hold a conversation better than most. And he was also side-splittingly funny, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

The trip ended and the dude and I traded phone numbers. We started texting after I got back home, and within a matter of hours, that turned into talking on the phone. And then he read me a few things he’d written, because it turns out he’s a fantastic writer. And then he turned out to like Battlestar Galactica, as in, the heroin of my Netflix history.

After a few weeks, I looked at my phone bill and realized we’d spent over a hundred hours on the phone since we’d met. Then phone calls turned into video-chatting every night. And then we decided to work our way through the 36 Questions to Fall in Love over the course of a few weeks, just for fun. His answers were unpredictable and fascinating. And then he came to visit for a few days and that didn’t completely suck. And then he had to leave and I didn’t completely want him to go. And then, well, I opened up my blog one day and realized it had been weeks since I’d written on it.

I don’t know why I’m carrying on with all of this business about a dude; I’m just saying, I’ve been a bit distracted. Trust me, no one is more embarrassed about it than I am.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. I’ll get back into the habit of trying to write things that aren’t completely self-absorbed, someday soon. I promise.

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