Can’t help myself

I just spent my lunch hour looking at random shit on the Web. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I have almost no filter when I do this; nearly any topic is fair game.

Side note: If I’m being honest, I have little patience for people my age who won’t admit that they enjoy spending hours looking at weird shit on the Web. That’s about like telling me you’ve never masturbated; I just don’t believe you and now we can’t be friends because I won’t trust you. Anyway, I digress.

Here are some honorable mentions from things I discovered in the hour I just spent with my brain idling:

  1. A couple got drunk together and recorded this video, in which they tell the story of their relationship.
  2. Apartment Therapy offers this list of rules for avoiding overeating when you’re working from home. It’s missing something about not keeping cheese in the house.
  3. Chris Illuminati’s “The Trip” is a short story about a possibly-schizophrenic kid who is about to be sent away to some kind of facility. I love the word play in the title.
  4. The video of Kim Davis’ emergence from jail, with “Eye of the Tiger” blaring overhead, is stomach-wrenching. But some of the YouTube comments are funny enough to ease that stomach pain.

OK, I think maybe I’ve overshared. Back to work now.

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